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NovElite®BNE-7025 is a high adhesive strength rigid redispersible polymer powder which composed of vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as protective colloid.


Physical and chemical properties:


Appearance White powder, free-flowing
Bulk density 450±50g/L
Average particle size 80~120μm
Solid content 99±1%
Ash content  *
PH value 6~8
Tg 10℃



● Bonding mortar

● Plastering mortar

● Interior, exterior wall putty or skim coat

● Self-levelling mortar

● Thermal insulation mortar

● Repair mortar

● Tile adhesive or tile grout



NovElite®BNE-7025 has the following advantages when applied in mortar:

1.The adhesion between mortar and ordinary support can be significantly enhanced.

2.Improve the cohesive strength of mortar.



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