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NovElite®BNE-1196 is medium viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, mainly used in gypsum plaster.


Physical and chemical properties:


Appearance Light yellow powder
Bulk density 300~450g/L
Water-retention rate(1‰) ≥93.5%
Viscosity 90000-110000(NDJ-1, 2% solution, 20℃)
40000~45000(Brookfield, 2% solution, 20℃)
Ash content 5%



● Gypsum plaster

● Tile adhesive or tile grout

● Joint mixture

● Bonding mortar

● Plastering mortar



NovElite®BNE-1196 has the following advantages when applied in mortar:

1.The water retention of mortar can be improved obviously.

2.The mortar has good thixotropy.

3.The mortar has good adhesion to the substrate.

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