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NovElite® BNE-7501


NovElite® BNE-7501 is a starch ether composed of chemically modified starch


Physical and chemical properties:




Physical and chemical properties


Grayish-white powder

Water solubility

can be dissolved in water

Water content


Viscosity (5% solution)


Bulk density




1.When used in gypsum to improve the construction fluency and shape effect of gypsum.

2.When used in ceramic tile glue to improve the anti - slip property of mortar.

3.When used in putty, improve the construction smoothness of putty, repeatedly scraping.

4.When used in conjunction with NovElite® HPMC, it shows good synergistic effect and enhances water retention.


Volume of Addition Suggested:

It is recommended to 0.01~0.05% of the total gypsum. For best results, please test in advance.



1.With good lubricity, can improve the operating performance of materials, so that the operation is smoother.

2.Improve the material's own ability to resist droop.

3.Small dosage, very low addition amount can achieve good results.

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