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NovElite® BNE-5255


NovElite® BNE-5255 FS composite insulation template special compound additive


Physical and chemical properties:




Physical and chemical properties


White powder, free flowing

Bulk density


PH value




It is used as bonding mortar and thermal insulation transition layer thermal insulation mortar in FS composite outer formwork of cast-in-place concrete.



NovElite® BNE-5255 can not only prepare the binding mortar on the cast-in-place concrete FS composite insulation external template, but also can prepare the thermal insulation transition layer of the thermal insulation mortar on the FS composite insulation external template, so it can reduce the manufacturer's stock type, NovElite® has the following properties:

1.It has good construction smoothness and destruction effect on extruded board when applied in bonded mortar.

2.When applied in the thermal insulation transition layer, it significantly improves the cohesion and compressive strength of thermal insulation mortar itself. When the thermal insulation slurry is directly bonded to the extruded board, the destruction effect of the benzene board is also better.

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