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NovElite® BNE-5021


NovElite® BNE-5021 Gypsum improver gives mortar lubricity and constructability


Physical and chemical properties:




Physical and chemical properties


Free flowing powder

Water solubility

Can be dispersed in water

Water Content


Bulk density



Volume of Addition Suggested:

It is recommended to add 0.07~0.12% of the total gypsum. For best results, please test in advance.



NovElite® BNE-5021 Gypsum improver given by the mortar has good thixotropy and lubrication can effectively improve and enhance construction of slurry system, make the mortar has good workability, plump, smooth, level off, can significantly increase the rate of mortar construction and improve efficiency and improve labor productivity, so as to reduce labor costs.

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