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NovElite® BNE-7603T


NovElite® BNE-7603T Gypsum retarder is a high performance powdery setting retarder composed of polymeric amino acid derivatives, has good perform in neutral or weak acid environments.



1. It can be used in natural gypsum, industrial desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum.
2. It can be used in any gypsum product formulation.
3. It is suitable for gypsum plaster, machine spray plaster, plaster putty, plaster joint mixture, plaster block and gypsum board etc.


Physical and chemical properties:


Composition Derivative of Polymerized amino acid
Appearance Light yellow powder
Bulk density 580-620kg/L


Volume of Addition Suggested:

It is recommended to add 0.2~0.5% of the total gypsum. For best results, please test in advance.



1. There is a linear relationship between the added amount and the operable time.
2. The addition amount is low and the retarding time is long.
3. High AⅢ tolerance for gypsum.
4. It contains no chloride ions, no formaldehyde, environmental protection, biodegradable.





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