Appearance:  white powder with good flow ability

Bulk density: 450±50g/L

Fineness:80mesh sieve residue 10% Max

solid content:99±1%

Anti-induration agent: 11±1%

PH value:6-8

Minimum film forming temperature (MFT):0℃

Glass transition temperature(GTT): -5℃



Plastering mortar  

Flexible adhesive for tiles    

Flexible putty

Decoration mortar


Remarkable feature:

1. High flexibility

2. Anti-cracking


Packing & storage:


keep in a dry & cool place below 35℃. Seal the bag after use. Avoid direct exposure under the sun, snow or the rain. No contact with acid or alkali.


Shelf life: 


BNE-7022S ( High flexility type redispersiblepolymerpowder )

Polyvinyl acetate - ethylene copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as protective colloid.