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NovElite®BNE-7030 is a high adhesive strength rigid redispersible polymer powder which composed of vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) polymer, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as protective colloid.


Physical and chemical properties:


Appearance White powder, free-flowing
Bulk density 500±50g/L
Average particle size 80~120μm
Solid content 99±1%
Ash content  12±2%
PH value 6~8
Tg 10℃



● Bonding mortar

● Plastering mortar

● Interior, exterior wall putty or skim coat

● Self-levelling mortar

● Thermal insulation mortar

● Repair mortar

● Tile adhesive or tile grout



NovElite®BNE-7030 has the following advantages when applied in mortar:

1.The adhesion between mortar and ordinary support can be significantly enhanced.

2.Improve the cohesive strength of mortar.





3.It is used in ceramic tile adhesive with excellent performance index, especially in the thick coating method of original strength and heat aging strength.

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